Other Service

Other Service

Our Medical Center offers the following services:

Information Computer Diagnostics

We offer our clients to undergo a total check up with our diagnostic computer MEDICAL EXPERT COMPLEX (MEC). This device allows to evaluate your general health and well-being, as well as health of specific organs and body systems. This method detects early pathological changes that might occur in organs and tissues.  The Complex will identify: presence of viruses, bacteria and parasites; food and medications allergies, vitamin and mineral imbalances, and acute and chronic health conditions. The Complex is certified and is used in public and private clinics of Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, USA, Switzerland, Turkey and other countries.


Blood test using non-invasive blood analyzer

We are offering you a total analysis of the entire body function using АМП device non-invasive hemogram analyzer AMP. АМП It is a modern analyzer of homeostasis which allows for fast, non-invasive complex blood test.
In 5 minutes the device evaluates 131 parameters, including blood formula and homeostatic blood indices, biochemical indices of kidneys and liver, nature of metabolism abnormalities, type of circulation, and possible abnormalities of myocardial tissue, brain, liver, kidneys and muscle.

АМP analyzer is registered in European Union, Ukraine, Russia, China, UAE and other countries.


Efferent therapy

It is a method of treatment of various acute and chronic illnesses by removing pathological substances and chemicals from the body.

Plasmapheresis – simple, affordable, modern, painless and safe way of removing toxins from the blood. It consists of blood collection, its cleansing and return back to circulation. It is used both therapeutically and prophylactically for health maintenance.

Hemosorption – treatment method for advanced liver disease of both viral and non-viral etiology (toxic hepatitis). The essence of this method is removing toxins from patient’s blood by running it through the sorbent. The most commonly used sorbent is activated carbon. Total blood volume processed during one hemosorption session can reach 50-60 liters.

Ozone therapy – non pharmacological and effective treatment method using medical ozone. Ozone therapy allows to influence the pathologic processes, regulate disturbed balance in the organism, improve condition of various organs and systems, and activate body’s defense system.



Anti-aging procedures for face and body
Botulinum therapy – anti-wrinkle injections using Dysport product
Biorevitalization – modern injection technique for skin rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid products
Redermalization – face and body skin rejuvenation technique using Hyalual® product (hyaluronic acid + potassium succinate)
Plasmolifting – skin rejuvenation method by injections of patient’s own plasma enriched with thrombocytes
Contour plastics – method of correction of face contour, and recovery of tissues volume using hyaluronic acid based biogels injections