About Us

About Medical Center Embryotech

Medical Center Embryotech was founded in 1989 by a group of medical researchers and practitioners lead by Vladimir Ivanov.

The center developed a revolutionary cryopreservation method for fetal cells and tissues and conducted breakthrough research on the biological and therapeutic effects of fetal cells in experimental and clinical settings.

In 2002, Irina Votyakova, principal investigator of Medical Center of Embryotech, received the National Award of Ukraine in the area of science and technology for her work “Fundamental research and development of the newest biotechnologies for production of cell and tissue allotransplants”.


Why choose us?

  • We are the pioneers in the area of cell therapy using cryopreserved, tissue-specific stem/progenitor cells of fetal origin;
  • We have 30 years of clinical experience and the largest cell bank in Ukraine;
  • We have successfully performed over 9,000 transplants for patients from all over the world including Ukraine, Poland, Israel, USA, China, Iran, Turkey, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Russia, etc.;
  • Our treatment helped to prolong life and improve quality of life for patients with various pathologies, many of which could not be treated by modern traditional medications;
  • All our technologies are patented and protected by copyrights. Our scientific results are published in national and international journals;
  • Medical team Emryotech consists of multidisciplinary team of doctors. Our consultants are the leading experts of Ministry of Health and National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. We partner with leading Ukrainian hospitals and Research Institutes;
  • We are licensed by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine to practice general medicine. We also hold a license for human cell and tissues banking operations;
  • Our treatments are carefully customized to your individual needs. Safety and optimum results are our priority. Fetal stem cell treatment is a safe same day procedure;
  • We are conveniently located in a large state of art facility with bioprocessing, diagnostic and clinical units on site;
  • We use the newest equipment for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, as well as processing, cryopreservation and culture of cells and tissues.



  • We are proud to be recognized by the “Leader in the field” award in 2009, 2010 and 2015 according to the National Rating of Quality bureau.
  • In 2015 Medical Center Embryotech was named among Top100 Medical Facilities of Ukraine.
  • Our center has demonstrated high indices in dynamics of growth and clinical results contributing to the improved health of Ukrainian population.
  • As a Medical Center we were awarded “Star of Quality 2015” and “Great Legacy of Hippocrates” medals.